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Picture of our Mass Spectrometer (wrong GC)

Manufacturer: Kratos Analytical Instruments, Manchester, UK (now: Mass Spectrometry International Ltd., Manchester, UK)

Instrument Model: Profile HV-4

Type of Instrument: Double Focussing High Resolution GC-MS (Gas Chromatograph - Mass Spectrometer)

Year of Manufacture: 1993, in operation since October 1993

Consumables: Power: 8 kW (max), Water: 4 l/min, Gases: Helium (GC)

Dimensions: 300 x 80 x 130 cm Weight: 500 Kg

Inlets: Direct insertion probe, GC, Reference (PFK = Perfluorokerosene)

GC: Hewlett Packard 5890 Series II, Column currently fitted: DB1 capillary column

Vacuum System: 3 x Rotary pumps 2 x Turbo Molecular Pumps

Control and Data Acquisition System: This comprises 5 sub units each containing its own microprocessor (Motorola 68000, 15 Mips) controlled by the MSCPU (Motorola 68010). All operating software is downloaded to the distributed processors at system start-up, thus enabling an easy path for upgrading. Rate of Analogue to Digital and Digital to Analgue conversion: 500 KHz, resolution: 20 bits (1 ppm).

Computer System: Sun Sparc Station IPC with 24 MByte RAM, 250 MByte internal and 2.5 GByte external hard disk, 150 MByte 3" magnetic tape (backup), CD-ROM, 3.5" Floppy Disk Drive, 2 RS 232 (serial) ports and Ethernet card. Signal path: 32 bits. Signal carrier: light pipes (glass fibre). Monitor: 17" colour trinitron (1152 x 900 pixels). Printer: OKI OL830 Postscript LED Laser Printer.

Software: Operating System: SUN OS 4.1.3 (UNIX), Graphical User Interface: SunView, MS Control Software: Mach 3, Version 5.1 (Kratos)

Acquisition Modes: Low and High Resolution Scans, Raw Data Acquisition, GC-MS, Peak Match, SIM (SIR) selected ion monitoring (recording)

Mass Range: 30-950 amu

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