The CRAC research centre applies state-of-the-art GC and GC-MS techniques for analysis of gas, liquid and solid samples of organic compounds. A Varian GC-MS system (CP-3800 GC coupled to Varian 2000 MS),  is used for qualitative and quantitative analyses of hydro­carbon mixtures including carbonyls, aromatics, PAHs etc. The MS has a mass range up to 650 m/z and is also equipped with a chemical ionisation unit. An automatic injector for gas samples is also available.


GC-MS Method Development

Dr John Wenger and Dr Lars Thuener, two of the leading scientists at CRAC, have many years of experience in spectroscopy and analytical chemistry methods. Our particular areas of expertise are:

 Dr. John Wenger          Dr. Lars Thüner

Our services are now open to industry. 

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