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The Machine, Matthias Jauch and Mick O'SheaDonnacha O'Connell

The High Resolution Mass Spectrometry Centre team: Matthias Jauch, Michael O'Shea and Donnacha O'Connell.

We carry out high and low resolution mass spectrometry scans with a measurable mass range of up to approx. 850 mass units. We are well established with the Chemical and Pharmaceutical Industries in the Munster region and also with many educational institutions throughout the country. Our accurate mass resolution is generally < 1ppm. We have a high throughput of samples and our down time is kept to a minimum. Our turnaround timefor samples is generally 24 hours after receipt. We can fax results or send them as email attachments.

A recently installed Varian GC-MS system (CP-3800 GC coupled to Varian 2000 MS) is now also available for automated and fast method development. This instrument is part of the Centre for Research into Atmospheric Chemistry (CRAC). 

Please print one of our forms:

and send the completed form along with your sample to:

High Resolution Mass Spectroscopy Centre
Department of Chemistry
College Road
University College

or apply for Complete GC/MS Analysis.


Instrument details of the High Resolution Mass Spectrometer may be found here.

Mass Spectrometry Charges:






Nominal Mass Spectrum

IR£12.50 (€16)

IR£25.00 (€32)

IR£50.00 (€65)


High Resolution Investigation of Molecular Ion (Peak Match)

IR£12.50 (€16)

IR£25.00 (€32)

IR£50.00 (€65)


GC/MS including 3 library searches

IR£37.50 (€48)

IR£65.00 (€83)

IR£130.00 (€165)

GC/MS method development

please call

please call please call

Bulk discounts are now available: 15% for 50+ samples, 10% for 20+ samples

* Please note that in order to carry out this type of investigation a low resolution spectrum must accompany the sample. Otherwise please request a  low resolution mass spectrum (nominal mass spectrum) in addition to the high resolution investigation indicating the mass of interest. For a detailed description of the high resolution procedure see here.

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